Social Media Content Creation

Standout from the rest

Finding high quality content for your social media channels isn’t always easy. That’s why I offer 2 very simple monthly plans to help your brand stand-out on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

Why monthly? Social media isn’t a once a year campaign. You need fresh content regularly to keep your followers engaged and interested. Also, by using one main content creator, the style of the images is always going to reflect your brand, so nothing will seem out of left field.

Why is John Rathwell Photography a good fit? Since I am always traveling out of my 1991 VW Westfalia, the landscape and vibes of the photos and videos will always be refreshed. No staleness throughout the year. Want some surf/beach vibes? That will happen. Some mountain top awesomeness. I will be there, plus everywhere in-between.

My travels also open the option of meeting up with your existing athletes and ambassadors along the way. This will help share your message and promote your ambassadors. If you don’t have ambassadors in the area, I have a solid network of contacts always stoked to jump into my Westfalia and work with me across North America.

Get a mix of product, action and lifestyle shots that tell your brands story. This is key. Mix up the summer vibes shots with an engaging product shot. Going any particular way is not enough to tell a complete and compelling story, thats why I supply the perfect balance of product/action/lifestyle content in each month’s deliverable.

The two monthly options are:

Photo Only: ~30 images/month for $2000
Photo/Video Combo: ~30 images + 4 short social films/month at $5000

Companies I have produced social media content for:

  • KAVU
  • Surftech USA
  • GoWesty Camper Products
  • Proof Eyewear
  • The Enthusiast Network
  • Red Bull
  • BF Goodrich Tires Canada
  • Volkswagen Canada

To enquire, drop me an email at or dial me at 828-772-5813

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