“His images have visual impact, emotion, and the ability to move”


RathwellJ-151114-0356John Rathwell is a self-taught photographer and creative that works and lives out of his 1991 VW Westfalia Camper Van. His work is layered by action sports, nature, travel and lifestyle. His stunning and powerful images come from his beliefs of photography.

“A photograph must evoke emotion. It is so much more than looking at a screen or canvas full of colours and thinking it looks nice. A photograph, or any art for that matter, comes from the inside. I strive to create images that make the viewer fall into them. I want them to feel like they are in the scene, in the moment and in the beauty.”

Some of the most influential companies in the world agree. Rathwell’s client list includes some of the largest editorial and commercial companies in the outdoor industry, including Red Bull, Outside Magazine, Google and The Enthusiast Network.

Rathwell’s work was also ranked very highly by MSN Microsoft. One of his images was awarded  top 10 in their Best Red Bull Pictures of 2014. This image was created during the Red Bull  Michoacan (Mexico): First Decent whitewater kayaking project.

Rathwell’s inspiration comes from his on going outdoor adventures. He is constantly in search of wild, remote destinations and offbeat landscapes. His own connection to Mother Nature along with passion for action and adventure help him connect to the subjects he works with.

Personal projects are where Rathwell’s motivation is injected into him. They offer him a chance to push the limits of his photography, his equipment and himself. Rathwell’s most notable personal project including the very popular story of Mont Chilly: The 83-Year-Old Who Operates a Ski Hill By Himself that was picked up by Outside Magazine.

Rathwell is currently working on a massive 2 year personal project called Searching For Sero. This project is taking him around North America in his 1991 VW Westfalia as he and his partner, Tracy Guenard share the stories of those who use outdoor adventure to bring happiness and balance to their lives. This project officially kicked off in the spring of 2016. The couple hope to have a photo book ready for Christmas 2018, in which they will donated 100% of the proceeds to charities working in suicide prevention.

Rathwell is also keeping busy completing commercial work for outdoor inspired clients and regularly contributing to international editorial publications. He also ensures he spends adequate time in the outdoors with his partner, dog and camera.

Featured Clients:

Red Bull, Outside Magazine, The Enthusiast Network (Canoe & Kayak Magazine), Camp Fortune, Wilderness Tours, Influence Marketing, St Joseph’s Communications (Ottawa Magazine), Kayak Session, Werner Paddles, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC Music), Liberty Skis, Mountain Life Magazine.

John Rathwell (left) captures Josh Brose (right) jumping over the van at The Brose Farm in Eganville ON. Photo by Tracy Guenard/Searching For Sero.

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