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The last few action sports photos of the day have been pretty artsy. Todays is just straight up tight action. Sometimes times it is all that is needed, especially when that athlete is going big. And for this one, Mariann Saether is going massive.

When covering events like the Whitewater Grand Prix, I will often have multiple cameras setup capturing the action at the same time from different angles with different settings. This ensures that I don’t miss anything. It also allows me to capture multiple angles of the same thing. It also allows me to have one safe shot, so I can (try to) capture one artsy shot with the other camera.

My remote camera for this shot was set up wide. Typically what you want as shooting tight on a remote camera is tough as the athlete moves around. This time the remote cameras shot was not as good.

I had noticed that Mariann was setting up for big tricks on her ride. So with my hand held camera I grabbed my long lens to shoot it tight. That got the image.

Mariann Saether at the Whitewater Grand Prix

Image captured by remote camera trigger with Pocket Wizard Plus III

You may be wondering how I trigger my remote cameras? I use Pocket Wizard Plus III transceivers. Every time I push the shutter on my handheld camera it also triggers the remote camera. I can also push the “test” button on the Pocket Wizard with me to trigger the remote camera with out taking a picture with my handheld camera if I am not in a spot to capture the moment.

My remote camera is often held by a Joby GorillaPod Focus. These are great in the field. Small, light and versatile. I will either just set it up on the ground or wrap it around a tree branch. If you shoot in remote environments, and don’t have one, it is worth the investment.

Mariann Sæther - Action

Camera Meta Data: Canon 5D Mark III with Canon 70-200 f/2.8 L II | ISO 1000 | 200mm | f/4.5 | 1/6400 sec

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