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A great action sports picture doesn’t always have to happen at peak action. In todays photo of the day, Nick Troutman finds himself in-between to big drops.

What made the photo for me, is the cleanness of the background. It allows for great separation between my subject and background. Other strength of the photograph is the darker water on the bottom and rock on the right that help keep the viewers eyes in the photo. I add a bit of a vignette to the photo as well to keep the readers eye from leaving out the bright top left corner. I also love that the rock appears to be in the shape of a triangle in the photo. Triangles are a strong shape and make for strong photographs. I don’t know why exactly, I just know I am drawn towards photos with triangles.  Another small detail that I like is that Nick’s paddle is at the same angle as the rock. It gives the illusion of a trapezoid.

Finally, the photo captures the decisive moment. You can see it in Nicks face. His eyes are locked in full concentration where he is going. His paddle is in the start of the power phase of his stroke, which is the paddle position I like the most. You don’t know what he is coming up to, but the reader can assume there is another big drop he is heading into.

Nick Troutman

Meta data: Canon 5D MKIII with Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L II | ISO 250 | 200mm | f/3.5 | 1/1000 sec

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