Review: JOBY Flash Clamp and Locking Arm

Over the past several months I have had the chance to play with the new Joby Flash Clamp and Locking Arm for remote flash. The clamp is fast and simple to use and great when looking to use a flash to get some fill or a little extra pop out of your photo.

The Flash Clamp can quickly be locked down on any ledge, table, rail, post or tree branch (handy for outdoor adventure photographers) and the Locking Arm can pivot in any direction with just one twist. Once locked down the system feel secure and stays in place evening holding the weight of a LumoPro LP180 and Pocket Wizard Plus III.


Fellow photographer, Brian Goldschmied and I headed to the local skateboard ramp at On Deck in Ottawa Canada to put the Flash Clamp through its paces when it first arrived. We wanted to use the bare flash to create a harsh shadow on the wall at the back of the ramp. Played around with flash position before finding the right place. We were able to attach the Clamp to the small lip on the top deck of the ramp. The placed our the shadow of the skateboarder about where we wanted.

We also added in a 2nd light that would come from a much bigger source that would fill the face and details of the skateboarder. We used a Cheetah Light CL360 in the Westcott Orb. Simple just using the bare flash on the edge of the ramp would have caused harsh shadows on the skateboarder coming up from the bottom. Which could be cool, but I wanted to use the bare flash just to throw a shadow on the wall.

Photo by Brian Goldschmied

Photo by Brian Goldschmied

We got out setup and power dialed in on the 2 flashes but had no skaters. I decided I would take to the ramp while Brian fired off a few shots of me. After beating up my body and ego on the ramp with still no skateboarders showing up we conned skate shop owner Trevor Alquire into skating the ramp for us and I got to go back behind the lens where I am much for comfortable.

Showing the Orb setup in the top left

Showing the Orb setup in the top left

We nailed on shot thanks to the quick setup and flexibility of the flash clamp. It is now thinking I keep in my flash bag at all times because it is small and handy. Much easier than caring around light stands.

Some other rad features I like is that the top of the Flex Arm is a standard 1/4 inch thread which means it has a lot more practical uses than just holding a flash. You can combine it with the Grip Arm to hold your phone, attach a small camera to it and so much more. Another sweet feature is that the hot-shoe adapter the kit comes with has a 1/4 inch thread on the bottom so you can use the to attach your flash to any other threading and that same adapter fits into the ball head of the GorillaPod Zoom so no need to change adapters when switching from Flash Clamp to Zoom!


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