Red Bull Roll the Dice

Red Bull Roll the Dice came to Camp Fortune on March 15, 2014. It is a unique snowboarding competition that is more about style than big spins, corks and what ever else the top kids are doing today. It puts contestants head to head in a battle of ultimate style. Two large dice are rolled down the hill. One with a rotation from straight air to 720, another with a grab. The snowboarder that preforms this with the most style moves on to the next round.

Competitors - Lifestyle

Competitor - Action

Attendee - Lifestyle

Competitors - Lifestyle

Competitors - Lifestyle

Tyler Langfield - Action

Tyler Langfield, Joel Massariol, Ron Trembly, Unknown - Winners

Joel Massariol - Portrait

The top 3 performers of the day where Ron Tremblay (3rd), Tyler Langfield (2nd), Joel Massariol (1st).

A huge shout out also goes to Red Bull Canada, Camp Fortune and Top of the World for putting together this event.

More of my images from the event can be found at the Red Bull Content Pool.

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