We had a rather disappointing spring this year with low water and a major lack of big wave surfing. Some times we get lucky in the fall and get high water again but it is rare. This year brought a nice surprise. Fall Bus Eater! Warm water, no ice and a perfect level.


One thing I love about Bus Eater is how it brings everyone together. The best paddlers in the world come just for a chance at this wave.

Ben Marr was out a few weeks ago when it was in before heading down to the Whitewater Grand Prix in Chile when I captured this photograph of him doing a huge Pan Am.

What makes this image for me is the wave exploding in the background. It looks like a giant brown claw and it really gives you a feel for the size and power of this wave.

Flash was used to help highlight the paddler. I had 3 LumoPro LP160’s held up on a tree via a Joby GorillaPod

Meta Data//Exposure 1/250 @ f/8.0 ISO 200//40mm//3 flashes fired at full power [camera left]

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